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Lithe by Linwelly
Akane on pursuit through the bamboo woods. This came up in my mind and wanted out, I'm rather happy with how it turned out.
Akane is my own character. Inspiration is from "House of flying daggers" and "crouching tiger hidden dragon"
Created with DS4.9, rendered in 3delight, Postwork in GIMP2.8.
All materials from the DAZ shop.
Do not republish outside dA without my consent
Midsummer Romance by Linwelly
Midsummer Romance
Little Romance in the midsummer night and the lightning bugs are flying. made for Llola Lanes Render a month challenge at DAZ forums.
Made with DS4.9, rendered in 3delight, Postwork With Gimp2.8
All materials are from the DAZ shop
Remember by Linwelly
Got my new system up and running and finally transferred all the old files. Made with DS4.9, rendered in 3delight, some Postwork in Gimp2.8.
The character is my own, based on g2f, all materials from the DAZ shop
Hu! by Linwelly
For the wonderful EURO Cup football /soccer surprise coming from Iceland! Keep going strong!
made withe DS4.8, rendered in 3delight, postwork GIMP 2.8.
Materials are from the DAZ shopor made by me.
Soccerball is a freeby by Luxxeon from sharecg….
Logo on the ball is inspred by the UEFA official ball 2016
Hu is original from the Icelandic fans
Tarquin the Elder by Linwelly
Tarquin the Elder
Made for the Tarquin challenge… of deraged Dares

Lucius Tarquinius Priscus, or Tarquin the Elder, was the legendary fifth king of Rome from 616 to 579 BC

The following text is taken from this Wikipedia entry, slightly shortened and altered for readablility by me…
Tarquin came from Etruria, After inheriting his father's fortune, he attempted to gain a political office in Etruria but failed. He had been prohibited from obtaining political office in Tarquinii because of the ethnicity of his father, who came from the Greek city of Corinth. At his his wife Tanaquil's suggestion they migrated to Rome. Legend has it that on his arrival in Rome in a chariot, an eagle took his cap, flew away and then returned it back upon his head. Tanaquil, who was skilled in prophecy, interpreted this as an omen of his future greatness. In Rome, he attained respect through his courtesy. The king Ancus Marcius himself noticed Tarquinius and, by his will, appointed Tarquinius guardian of his own sons.
At that time the principle of hereditary monarchy was not yet established at Rome; so upon the death of Marcius, Tarquin addressed the Comitia Curiata and convinced them that he should be elected king over Marcius' natural sons.
Tarquin increased the number of the Senate by adding one hundred men from the leading minor families to this gain.
In his first war Tarquinius took the Latin town of Apiolae by storm and returned with great booty to Rome.
His military ability was again tested by an attack from the Sabines, who received auxiliaries from five Etruscan cities. Tarquin doubled the numbers of equites, the Sabines were defeated after difficult street fighting in the city of Rome.
Subsequently, the Latin cities of Corniculum, old Ficulea, Cameria, Crustumerium, Ameriola, Medullia and Nomentum were subdued and became Roman.
Tarquin is said to have built the Circus Maximus, for chariot racing. There the king established a series of annual games; the first horses and boxers to participate are said to be brought from Etruria.
After a great flood, Tarquin drained the damp lowlands of Rome by constructing the Cloaca Maxima, Rome's great sewer. He also constructed a stone wall around the city, and began the construction of a temple in honour of Jupiter Optimus Maximus on the Capitoline Hill. The latter is said to have been funded in part by the plunder seized from the Sabines.
Tarquin celebrated his triumphs in the Etruscan fashion, and also introduced other Etruscan insignia of civilian authority and military distinction: the sceptre of the king; the trabea, a purple garment that varied in form, and various others. Tarquin introduced Etruscan sacrificial and divinitory rites, as well as the tuba, a straight horn used chiefly for military purposes.

For the complete original text please follow this link…

I took reference for the room interieur from this image:…

Made with DS4.8, rendered in 3delight, further used Gimp 2.8
all materials from the DAZ Shop, or made by me, the laurel wraeth is a freeby from sharecg by Luxxeon…
Even though I'm not much of a writer, seeing that 1000 up there with my visitors made me very happy, and I guess it's a good time for making an update on my journal.:happybounce: 
Thanks a lot to all the visitors! Come back often, have a look around, take a cookie cookie  and maybe leave a comment.
I am still new, still looking around in awe at all the nice things, still discovering new things every time.
I wish I would be able to make cleverer comments to the wonderful art I see, as I know how happy it can make you feel, getting a good feedback. I try, but often I fail as I'm not a trained artist in any way and I don't want to hurt someone just by being stupid. Sweating a little... 

I made some new friends here, already, thank you for that! I hope I will get to know you better with time.Hug 
I found some wonderful groups for sharing my art, thanks to admis and others helping to organise those, spending your time doing!Clap 
And thanks to everyone providing tutorials, freebies and other stuff just because you can, I learned a lot from you!Handshake 

See you around, and the cookies are over there...Cookay is mine 


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